Monitoring the impact of LIFE Level(s) project

As the LIFE Level(s) project actions are moving forward with great pace, it is of value to note the importance of tracking the progress of the project, measuring its impact and reviewing the effect it causes. Such responsibility lies on Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), the main beneficiary behind LIFE Level(s) project Action C.1.

By keeping track and measuring direct and indirect aspects of project impact, Action C.1., is aiming to overview the process in carrying out the main deliverables of the project such as aligning certification schemes and public procurement practices with Level(s), but also to take a look at the awareness that is being raised through the project execution and the improvements in the area of climate and environmental performances of buildings.

In order to achieve the mentioned perspective on the project impact, Action C.1. is tasked with a role of reviewing the project as a whole. Therefore the monitoring process is being focused on several elements such as the results of specific project actions, the outreach regarding the communication and dissemination, the environmental and natural project impacts along with the socio economic shifts the project is to cause.

A the responsible contributor, Dutch Green Building Council began the action by designing a questionnaire, directed to other partners, with a goal to assess the current state of the project’s progress, and the impact of the actions which previously began their rollout. Such actions will proceed, in close collaboration of all project partners on their delivery, in order to reach a clear overview of the desired impacts the LIFE Level(s) project is striving towards when it comes to mainstreaming sustainable buildings in Europe.


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