LifeLevel(s) KickOff meeting in Madrid

Project Life for LCA LCC Level(s) (LifeLevel(s)) commenced at the KickOff meeting in Madrid where eight GBC’s agreed upon their responsibilities and practices with a goal of integrating the Level(s) framework with Europe’s leading certification schemes and public procurement criteria.


Getting a visual identity

Project Logo was designed to achieve stronger recognisability and visibility of LifeLevel(s)



Selection of Schemes to be linked with Level(s)

Under project Action B.1 selection of relevant green rating schemes which should be linked to Level(s) was executed according to the criteria of maturity, regional coverage, activity level, future potential, conformity with relevant European standards. 


Further coordination on a consortium meeting

European Regional Network meeting in Brussels provided an opportunity for LifeLevel(s) consortium to present the project and hold a meeting on which further actions and practices were specified and next steps forward established. 


Action B.1 Step 2 – Finalising mapping procedure and developing a mapping tool

DGNB, leading project Action B.1, has completed the mapping procedure to be used in assessing compliance of green building rating schemes with Level(s). To achieve a methodological approach in assessing the conformity level, detailed for LCA, LCC and IAQ, a mapping tool has been developed.


Kicking off Action B.2

Headed by Irish Green Building Council, Life Level(s) Action B.2 emphasizes the development of quality data on the environmental and health impact of construction products. In its first steps, suitable available data is analysed and reviewed, in order to make recommendations on how to approach improving its quality.


Action B.3 kick-off and its first steps

Under the steering from Alliance HQE-GBC, project Action B.3 aims to develop a platform for the implementation of capacity building programmes on incorporating Level(s) indicators into public procurement. The first step implies understanding the requirements, barriers and challenges stakeholders face in using LCA, LCC and IAQ in public procurement.


Monitoring the project impact with Action C.1.

As the leading beneficiary on the LIFE Level(s) project Action C.1, DGBC is tasked with monitoring and measuring the direct and indirect impacts the project develops. In line with that, the first monitoring questionnaire for the consortium was shaped, in order to review the first steps achieved by the execution of the project actions.


Survey on state of the art in public procurement

Within the LIFE Level(s) Action B.3, a survey was designed by Alliance HQE-GBC through which public procurers across Europe can share their experiences and challenges faced. The survey will help to produce a backdrop for a series of events that will provide ideas and solutions in integrating Level(s) with public procurement processes.

LIFE Levels(s) survey on public procurement: https://bit.ly/2PDENw5


Developing a methodology on EPD/LCA data availability

Carrying the LIFE Level(s) B.2 Action, Irish GBC has enlisted recognized EPD/LCA experts from Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd and Asociación Ecómetro, to develop an encompassing methodology for countries with insufficient or no generic data on the environmental impact of construction products.


Updating the mapping tool for assessing the conformity of national rating tools with Level(s) framework

With the finalization of Level(s) framework, LIFE Level(s) project Action B.1, headed by DGNB (German Sustainable Buildings Council), adapted the mapping tool to be used for analyzing the integration potential of leading European green building certification schemes with the Level(s) framework indicators.

LIFE Level(s) mapping tool V2: https://lifelevels.eu/materials/



Strengthening the LIFE Leval(s) Communication and Dissemination campaign

As outlined in the project’s Communication and Dissemination Strategy, developed by Croatia GBC, LIFE Level(s) Communications Toolkit with key messages, visuals and links are available for download!

LIFE Level(s) Communications Toolkit: https://lifelevels.eu/materials/


LIFE Level(s) workshops on integrating Level(s) into public procurement kicking off

Started by the B.3 Action lead, Alliance HQE-GBC, the series of workshops within which the main challenges and best practices in integrating Level(s) indicators LCA, LCC, and IAQ into public procurement processes are moving forward across the partner countries. The product of the workshops will be a best practice guide on incorporating Level(s) indicators into public procurement practices.


Reports on supporting the development of quality data finalized

As a part of Action B.2, with a goal of improving the quality and correct use of data in countries where building level Life Cycle Assessment is not yet mainstream, two commissioned consultant companies; Cambridge Architectural Research and Asociación Ecometro developed reports shaping the platform for the development of national databases of construction materials

Download Cambridge Architectural Research’s report for Ireland, Italy and Croatia

Download Ecometro’s report for Spain


LIFE Level(s) briefing for Level(s) pilot projects

Within project B.1 Action, a briefing was held on which the developed mapping tool and Level(s) reporting template for building certifications were presented to Level(s) pilot projects while discussing the challenges and opportunities regarding their use.

Read more here.


Interactive Briefing for GBC’s – Alignment of Level(s) and national certification schemes

Continuing on the briefing for the Level(s) pilot projects, experiences with the developed mapping tool and Level(s) reporting template for building certifications were shared with Green Building Councils outside the consortium and building certification operators.



Best Practice Guide on integrating Level(s) Framework Indicators into Green Public Procurement practices

In order to raise awareness of the need to integrate sustainability criteria of buildings into public procurement processes Europe-wide, LIFE Level(s) project produced a Best Practice Guide on incorporating LCA, LCC and/or IAQ indicators in their practices.

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What we want to do?

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