LIFE Level(s) addressing Building Sector and Public Procurement

A quarter of a million European public authorities spend around 14% of the joint GDP of the EU on the purchase of services, work and supplies annually. The European Commission believes strategic public procurement provides possibilities to boost the economy as well as innovation towards sustainability. 

To ensure public procurers are able to take into account the aspect of the effects that buildings have on the environment, the Commission has created a set of tools and criteria to lead the way.

One of these tools is the Level(s) Framework. The LIFE Level(s) project is directed towards recognizing the value of sustainable buildings in Europe through greater awareness and use of the specified indicators within the Level(s) Framework, a common language for the value chain actors to address life cycle environmental performance of buildings.

With that in mind, a Best Practice Guide to Support Incorporating Level(s) Indicators into Public Procurement Processes has been developed:

The Guide consists of :

  • Level(s) Framework overview explaining what is this methodology and how it works.
  • Preview of the 3 selected indicators: LCA (life cycle assessment), IAQ (indoor air quality), LCC (life cycle costing)
  • A state of the art in GPP in each country with a focus on the selected 3 indicators
  • Different market best practice examples on integrating sustainability performance indicators with public procurement processes
  • Resources produced by partner GBCs on the subject