LIFE Level(s) Project Action B.3 – Survey on State of the Art in Public Procurement Practices

The hardworking summer months within the LIFE Level(s) project brought forward a vital step in moving the project forward.

As integration of key Level(s) components such as LCA (life cycle assessment), LCC (life cycle costing) and IAQ (indoor air quality) with nationally implemented practices in carrying out public procurement processes, is one of the most significant project activities, the previous months were designated to move the project forward in that regard.

Alliance HQE-GBC, the lead beneficiary responsible for the implementation of B.3 activity of the LIFE Level(s) project, has been working on developing a stable platform for collaborative work with public authorities and national governments in reaching the goal of integration of Level(s) with public procurement practices.

In order to develop a solid backdrop for carrying out such an ambitious mission, an overview of the current state concerning issues faced, obstacles, but also potential and possibilities was needed.

Therefore, an online survey is developed, through which national actors carrying out public procurement processes can share their experiences, which will be used by the project to overcome the current barriers in Europe.

Life Level(s) survey on the state of public procurement in Europe:

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