WEBINAR: Alignment of Level(s) framework with national certifications schemes

The 6th of May saw a successful rollout of a LIFE Level(s) webinar, organized by DGNB and Croatia GBC, on which the alignment of Level(s) framework and national certifications schemes was presented including the opportunities of using a common Level(s) conform reporting template.

In moderation by Anna Braune of the DGNB, the beneficiary carrying out the project activities within which the common reporting template was developed, the goal of the meeting was to present the mapping exercise taken up within the LIFE Level(s) project consortium in order to analyse the degree of integration between the Level(s) framework and partners’ certification schemes.

In addition, the reporting template which enables the practitioners to report on the Level(s) indicators in a standardised manner was presented and discussed. Additional perspective on the experience with the mapping procedure and the reporting template was provided by the representatives of three Green Building Councils; GBC Espana, Dutch GBC and Irish GBC, in order to present the practical approach to the process of integration.

The webinar as a whole was strengthened by the participation of prominent guest speakers:

  • Josefina Lindblom of the DG Environment, European Commission; gave a preview of the Level(s) framework as a holistic approach of bringing buildings into the circular economy and mainstreaming life cycle performance
  • Judit Kimpian of the Architects Council of Europe provided a perspective on Level(s) as a tool enabling higher climate change resilience, redefinition of buildings performance and emphasis on a whole life span of buildings
  • Peter Andreas Sattrup of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, gave views on the overlapping aspects of Level(s) brings to architecture, touching on macro objectives, relation to building codes including climate targets and policy goals
  • Christian Donath of the ECO Platform provided a construction products perspective highlighting the key role of the life cycle approach and ambition towards affordable product data created in an integrated and consistent manner

The recording of the entire webinar is available here:

By wrapping up the webinar with a reflection on the sustainable future of the industry, the sight was set out on the organization of the next webinar on the 16th June, focused on sharing the knowledge and practices of using the reporting template, with fellow European Green Building Councils outside of the LIFE Level(s) consortium.


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