LIFE Level(s) developing recommendations to drive uptake of EPD’s

With a goal of supporting the development of quality data on the environmental and health implications of construction products, project LIFE Level(s) intends to find the most suitable data available to be used directly, or more specific data, adaptable for the needs of particular countries.

Under the B.2 Action, under the leadership of Irish GBC, the outlined goal is the establishment of a National Consultation Process with a purpose of reviewing the initial set of generic data that meets the requirements of Level(s). Such consultation will finish with a report on the level of information currently available on pollutants contained in construction products.

In previous months, in order to successfully reach the outlined report and recommendations on the approach to generic data, LIFE Level(s) project reached out to an array of EPD/LCA experts to develop a methodology which will be used during the process of reviewing the situation in partner countries. Finally, Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd and Asociación Ecómetro, agreed to participate in moving the project Action B.2 forward, by providing their expertise in developing a common methodology, applicable for each of the partner countries.

After receiving insight into the developed methodology, partners will provide feedback on the suggested approach which will serve as a basis for a final set of recommendations on the data to be used for LCA in partner countries where insufficient or no data has been developed.


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