Integrating Level(s) framework with Europe-wide certification schemes

The final version of the Level(s) framework was released in October, thus presenting the common EU framework of core sustainability indicators, designed to enable professionals with a basis for tracking the environmental improvements at the European level.

Having in mind the aspects such as environmental performance of buildings, health and comfort, life cycle cost and value as the key objectives to address under the umbrella of sustainability of buildings, LIFE Level(s) project adapted its mapping tool, designed to enable the effective measuring of the conformity level of leading European certification schemes with Level(s) framework.

Project Action B.1, carried out by DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), looks to align the rating tools within the certification schemes of 6 project partners with Level(s) framework. Each of the partners; Alliance HQE, DGNB, GBC España, Irish GBC and GBC Italia, will map the key Level(s) indicators such as LCA, LCC and IAQ against their rating schemes.

Additionally, with support of the projects’ Communications Lead, GBC Croatia, in alignment with the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre, +130 pilot projects that tested Levels(s) framework will be engaged through webinars to provide feedback on the reporting template to be designed within the Action.

Further webinars will be organized for major GBC certification schemes across Europe in order to address the main challenges and opportunities that the template for integrating Levels(s) with certification schemes provides.


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