Meet RenoZEB – an affiliated project to LIFE Level(s)

On its path in mainstreaming sustainable buildings throughout Europe by improving national green public procurement practices through integrating Level(s) indicators such as LCA, LCC and IAQ into established processes, LIFE Level(s) project is developing strong sister relationships with other projects fighting to reach sustainable goals.

RenoZEB is one of such projects!

With a goal of unlocking the nearly Zero Energy Building (Nzeb) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting, RenoZEB looks to use innovative technologies and approaches, processes and decision making methodologies that would serve as a banner in boosting nZEB renovation actions.

Funded by Horizon 2020 programme, RenoZEB project took up the tasks of developing open access publications, renovating demonstration buildings, publishing articles on nZEB and providing training through digital tools and collaborative platform to be used as a web based environment for different actors to share data, assign tasks and set targets.

LIFE Level(s) project is proud to affiliate with another project ambitious in scale, range and with a clear vision of improving the quality of Europe’s building stock and its environmental impact.

#LIFELevels @reno_zeb

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