Project LIFE Level(s) presented at industry events and conferences

As the actions within the LIFE Levels(s) project are being thoroughly carried out, thus making way towards achieving the outlined outcomes, interaction of the project with international organizations and initiatives such as World GBC Europe, ECO Platform, One Click LCA and weTHINK, is driving towards the higher level of recognition of LIFE Levels(s) as unavoidable when addressing sustainable public procurement and sustainability indicators.

The previous months gave an opportunity for LIFE Levels(s) project to participate at several significant online events, organized by various actors, all with a purpose of expanding the project reach and sending a clear message of the necessity of integrating Level(s) framework as a common set of core sustainability indicators in public procurement practices and Europe-wide certification schemes.

  • LIFE Level(s) project was introduced at The Annual Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference organized by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee on which a broad community of actors joined to discuss the transition to circular economy
  • Late November saw the project being presented at the World GBC’s Health and Wellbeing Framework European Launch by LIFE Level(s) project coordinator Borja Izaola of the GBC España
  • LIFE Level(s) project provided support in organizing the annual Green Building and Sustainable Development Conference by GBC Croatia, the lead on projects’ Communication and Dissemination actions. In front of +500 stakeholders, LIFE Level(s) was presented as the key project in implementing EU’s sustainability indicators on national markets
  • The end of 2020 saw LIFE Level(s) as one of the keynote themes at the Public Procurement in Construction Conference hosted by weTHINK organization on which implementation strategies on improving public procurement in the sector were discussed

As the project actions keep unfolding, so will the recognition of its ambitious goals in carving the way towards whole life carbon thinking and creating value leading towards more sustainable built environment!


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