READ: LIFE Level(s) article in the Project Repository Journal

Recognizing the growing significance of tackling the environmental and health impacts of buildings, the European Dissemination Media Agency opened its doors to share an article on the LIFE Level(s) project, its scope, vision and impacts!

The Project Repository Journal, open access publication dedicated to showcasing valuable projects and initiatives, dedicated a segment of its 11th volume to the matters of sustainable buildings through the perspective of the LIFE Level(s) project.


In order to address climate change, health concerns and energy waste, environmental performance and sustainability levels of buildings must be at the forefront of reaching carbon neutrality. Project LIFE Level(s), by its promotion and implementation of Level(s) framework and its sustainability criteria, seeks to instigate adoption of Level(s) indicators in public procurement processes, green building certification schemes and promote the development of environmental product declarations, thus touching on the whole value chain of actors and decision-makers.

With that goal in mind, the coming period will focus on upskilling and education of various key stakeholders in the process of implementing Level(s) sustainability criteria of buildings. Learn more and join the process!