LIFE Level(s) as a part of EU-wide events on the sustainability performance of buildings

As the Level(s) Framework grows in recognition as a common language for built professionals to address sustainability performance of buildings, EU wide stakeholders are introduced to workshops, webinars and events on which the tools within the Level(s) Framework are addressed as the ones to measure critical impacts of buildings in areas such as health, circular economy and climate change.

That moves the LIFE Level(s) project in the limelight as the key initiative in raising the awareness on Level(s) Framework as a mechanism of measuring the effects of buildings on human health and the environment, but also as a potential shaper of national legislation and public procurement processes, with indicators which can be used in alignment with certification schemes and building projects.

October 28th saw the LIFE Level(s) project participate in an online meetup on the matter of sustainable buildings as a part of the Fostering collaboration among European Entrepreneurial Regions. Knowledge and lessons learned in the key areas the LIFE Level(s) project covers; alignment of Level(s) with certification schemes, green public procurement, development of product data, was shared among other stakeholders from IDEA Consult, Agencia Andaluza de la Energia, and Provincie Noord-Brabant.

Virtual conference titled Level(s): reshaping sustainability practices in the built environment was held on the 24th November 2021, hosted by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment. A valuable event provided significant lessons on how Level(s) Framework ensures integration of life cycle thinking and circularity into the construction industry. Alignment with product data and sustainability assessment, sustainable finance, pushing public authorities to address life cycle perspective into public procurement practices were some of the key messages from the conference. LIFE Level(s) project proved to be a valuable part of the discussion by stressing the lessons learned through the integration of Level(s) components in national certification standardspreviously achieved in the project.

Public procurement specific webinar was hosted by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment on the 2nd December on which public procurement professionals were introduced to Level(s). The assembled stakeholders had an opportunity to receive experiences from practitioners and insight on EU policy perspectives on how public procurement practices can be strengthened by the integration of Level(s). Alongside other stakeholders shaping the green public procurement environment, the LIFE Level(s) project participated by sharing its findings on the best practices in the correlation between Level(s) Framework indicators and public procurement processes.

Through participation in listed and future events and knowledge sharing seminars, the LIFE Level(s) consortium looks to share the lessons learned in the previous period of project rollout and to integrate the key stakeholders in the coming capacity building program focused on life cycle thinking and reflection on the environmental and health impacts of buildings!