Monitoring sustainability performance of buildings in the EU through Level(s)

As Levels(s) framework continues to grow in recognition as a tool in connecting the European Green Deal with building professionals and those operating assessments and certification schemes, Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission shared a publication on goals and impact of LIFE Level(s) project.

With Level(s) being a key EU’s mechanism in assessing sustainable buildings projects, the significance of aligning certification schemes across Europe with its components is evident. LIFE Level(s) project works to inspire national level building professionals, certification operators and public authorities to contribute to EU sustainability goals by aligning their work and practices with Level(s).

Involved in the LIFE Level(s) project, Anna Braune of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), and Remy Heijer of the DGBC (Dutch Green Building Council) shared their experience with mapping their GBC’s certification schemes against Levels(s). Along with providing a GBC perspective on the impact of Level(s), they shared the useful tools developed by the project which enable users to measure the conformity of their certificates with Levels(s) and a template on presenting the results of Level(s) assessment.

Having that in mind, news on the future activities of the project focused on improving practices in shaping green public procurement criteria and providing capacity building for building professionals and public authorities, will be coming soon!

Read the publication on the EC portal HERE