Level(s) as a part of public procurement workshops

With the data gathered from the still available LIFE Level(s) survey on the state of public procurement in Europe, LIFE Level(s) Action B.3, steered by Alliance HQE-GBC, is taking its next steps.

In February, Alliance HQE-GBC started a series of workshops that would also be organized by the remaining partners within the consortium at which the integration of key Level(s) indicators such as LCA (life cycle assessment), LCC (life cycle costing), and IAQ (indoor air quality) with nationally implemented practices in carrying out public procurement processes will be discussed.

In line with the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal targeting climate neutrality, LIFE Level(s) project action regarding the public procurement practices looks to strengthen those processes by understanding the necessities of procurers, identifying the most suitable approaches, and committing public procurers on using Level(s) indicators as means to integrate sustainable buildings principles Europe-wide.

The workshops started by the Alliance HQE-GBC will focus on several areas; stakeholder identification, a preview of main obstacles to the integration of Level(s) indicators into public procurement, and highlighting best practices already being implemented.

The two companies that shared the best practices in integrating LCA and IAQ into their work in the Alliance HQE-GBC’s workshop were Lille Métropole Habitat and Cozy Air. Both companies recognized lack of data and good practice, along with the financial challenges as the main barriers in integration processes.

The successful start of the workshops and their rollout by the remaining partners will lead towards the development of a best practice guide in integrating Level(s) framework indicators into national public procurement practices.


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