Communicating the message of LIFE Level(s)

In addressing the importance of the whole life cycle of buildings and the necessity to raise awareness of the high levels of health and environmental impacts produced by the buildings sector, the LIFE Level(s) project continuously works on communicating the importance of its mission.

Guided by Croatia Green Building Council, project action D.1 Raising Awareness of Level(s) – Communication & Dissemination aims at the utilization of a unique GBC network in order to achieve EU-wide dissemination of the key project milestones and outcomes to the designated stakeholders.

Green building certifications, the buildings sector, procurement authorities are just the top of the crop of target groups at which the project aims as the future ambassadors of raising the quality of sustainable buildings policies.

With a goal of successfully reaching the wider professional community, the LIFE Level(s) project is reaching out to an array of actors and organizations. Interactions with other similar-minded projects, projects funded by the LIFE program, organizations and groups focusing on Level(s) framework, LCA (life cycle assessment), EPD’s (environmental product declaration), are crucial in mainstreaming Level(s) framework and the outcomes of the project as a whole.

In line with the LIFE Level(s) Communication and Dissemination Strategy, a brand new Communications Toolkit has been developed!

Informative leaflet, presenting the main project messages and links to the key communication channels such as website and newsletter, is now available for download and dissemination!

The leaflet can be downloaded from the Materials section at the LIFE Level(s) website.


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